Saving Money While Traveling for Work

Convention season can be a chaotic time of the year. I haven’t seen it firsthand, yet, (APPROVE ME, ANIME STL-SENPAI), but I’ve seen people going through that hectic time and thought I’d share some tips. These tips apply to really any kind of travel-related work, so if you travel often or even once-a-year, check it out!

person driving in car
Photo by Jazmin Ali on Unsplash

While I haven’t been to any conventions, yet, I have had my fair share of traveling for work. For anyone not in-the-know: My husband and I used to do door-to-door sales and lead generation. Our area was oversaturated, however, and we had to drive WAY out of our way to get valid leads. During that time, I picked up plenty of ways to save money.

I had actually posted this on my original Tumblr blog waaaay back, like 5 years ago, but it was deleted during Tumblr’s purge thing despite not having any violating content. It had been reblogged by an AMAZING resource blog called How to be a Con Artist. (Definitely check into this blog if you’re looking to do conventions! They’ve been at it for YEARS both posting tips, answering questions, and reblogging a collection of convention-related content.) It seemed to help people, so I hope it helps you, too!

First Off: If You Don’t Already, Track Your Mileage!

You can use this as a business expense on your taxes. I love QuickBooks Self-employed and it has a reliable mileage tracker in its mobile app. (Hint: That’s my referral link! You get half off and I get a referral bonus. <3)

Aside from a service like QuickBooks, you could also simply keep a notepad, take note of your mileage, and enter it into a document/spreadsheet on your computer/iPad/whatever when you get home.

Loyalty Cards

You can get them for just about anything.

  • Some gas stations have cards you can use that save you 5 cents per gallon when you get gas, and some get you freebies, too, like a free donut when you get a coffee.
  • Starbucks has their Starbucks Stars to get rewards. Personally, I don’t like Starbucks except for on occasion, but if you like getting it now and again, definitely get a card and use it on double-star days.
  • Subway’s Subcard is great about rewards points. Plus, a somewhat healthier “fast food” option!
  • CVS and Walgreens. Great places to go when you need to grab something real quick, and the rewards rates are excellent plus special pricing on a lot of products.
  • Target RedCard. I highly suggest the DEBIT version! You’ll just need a paper check, or your bank account and routing numbers if you sign up online.
  • Basically: If you’re already going to these places (or similar places and wouldn’t mind switching), get their loyalty cards! But be warned: Don’t use this as an excuse to stop when you don’t need to! This goes to literally anywhere you already shop often that offers loyalty cards. Just don’t fall for the credit ones!

Pack Your Lunch as Often as You’re Able

Get a cooler and toss some pre-made smoothies, sandwiches, leftovers, etc. in it. Pack granola, jerky, fruit, and other shelf-stable stuff somewhere easy-to-reach for snacking while you’re driving. Put your own soda cans, tea, sparkling water in the cooler. The more prepared you are, the less you’ll have to stop. Less stopping = less chances to impulse-buy!

If You Travel a LOT, Get a Travel-Friendly Car!

Save up, use a tax return, trade in your massive gas-guzzlin’ truck, whatever! If your line of work allows for it, downsize. If you need the extra space (e.g., a big SUV to haul product with you), then try going for a smaller SUV that still has space for what you need but with a more wallet-friendly gas MPG.

So, those are my tips! What do you think? Do you agree or disagree on points? Anything to add that I may have missed, or just not thought of? Feel free to drop your comments below!

Have a beautiful day and blessed be, loves! ❤