An Excellent BUDGET Tablet: The Veikk S460

Hey, guys! Welcome to the blog. Today, I’m happy to be reviewing a great budget option for any beginning artist; the Veikk S640!


This little guy takes ‘thin’ to the next-level, making it portable for people on the go who want to toss it and a laptop in a backpack (or, if you’re like me, a Harry Potter tote bag), or those with limited space who need to be able to neatly tuck their tablet into a drawer when not in use.

While small, it still packs 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is on-par with most up-to-date tablets on the market including the tablet gold standard that is Wacom– for almost than half the price. The pen is battery-free, so you won’t have to worry about charging it. It doesn’t have an eraser end like a Wacom, but you can easily use the button on the side of the stylus to switch between the eraser and your brush. When giving this puppy a test run, I had no problem getting accustomed to pressing the button as opposed to flipping the stylus over. Given that the cheapest Wacom tablet sells for around $60-70 and this lil’ guy costs less than $35, I’d say the lack of an eraser button on the end is a pretty small gripe.

During my line tests, there wasn’t any wobble I could notice when working with this tablet. Any wobble I did find I believe to be from my hand’s natural shake, so bumping my brush stabilization up to my usual 5 or 6 got rid of that entirely, which is worth noting because I get this on my XP-Pen and on my iPad Pro, too. I just have shaky hands. RIP.

TL;DR: Who is this tablet best-suited for?

In my opinion, this tablet is best-suited for…

  • Those with a tight budget. If you’re hurting for cash, this little guy is a solid buy.
  • Those who need a portable device. Put in your backpack, purse, whatever! If you can fit a small laptop in your bag of choice, you can definitely fit this tablet in with it.
  • Those with limited space. Toss it in a drawer when you’re done and it’s out of sight, out of mind until you need to use it, again.
  • A secondary/back-up tablet. If you’d like a back-up for those “oh crap!” moments, this one’s a solid choice!

If you’re a full-time professional looking for a primary tablet but don’t have the $1000 for a Wacom Cintiq Pro, I’d suggest looking into Veikk’s screen-based tablets, or similar. Veikk has a 15.6” model that’s currently on Amazon for $350 plus a coupon, which has similar stats to the Wacom Cintiqs (which start at $650 for the cheapest, non-‘Pro’ model!)

What do you think? Feel free to ask any questions in the comments! And, as always, have a beautiful day!

Blessed be. ❤

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